How to Grow Your Photography Business

Photography is an exciting world. There are countless number of people who fancy them calling amateur or hobby photographer. Every time I go by the Docks parking lot in Toronto to see the Lake Ontario and the spectacular view of the Toronto skyline at night, I see an array of photographers in their own positions shooting the Toronto skyline. Same goes for any other scenic place where there is no shortage of photographers. There might be one or two professional photographers in them, most of them are however amateur photographers or find photography as a hobby. For some that have taken this amazing job as a profession, they are loving it day in day out. One thing all of those professional photographers can use by the way. That is more clients.

Do You Need More Photography Clients?

Answer is pretty well known, YES! Each and every single professional photographer can use one more client. Since this is commission based job and photographers move from one job to the next, it is best that the next job is lined up already. Having finished one job and having to look for the next job will leave you with lots of down time and loss of revenue. Whatever you need to do to get those clients lined up, you do that to be busy. Some clients need to get their photos edited before delivery and some like it the way they are. Just have that conversation before accepting any job.

How to Get More Clients?

There are various ways of getting clients. Few of the proven practices will be outlined here.

Referrals: Referrals are the best source of clients. Your current or previous clients will give you referrals if they are satisfied with your job. Try to go an extra mile for your clients. Feel them in every steps of the way and let them know what you are doing for them. Throw in a few extras like one enlarged print of their favorite photo for an example. This photo will most likely be framed and get hung on the wall in their home. Friends and family members will be asking about the photographer who shot that image and you are getting a nice source of referral. Make sure you embed your copywrite including your name and studio info so that it gets obvious for people to know who shot that image.

Yes, it will cost you some money to enlarge that image, but come to thing of it. It will allow you an opportunity to get lifetime referrals.

Networking: Networking and building relationship is key. Join a specific interest group to network with them. If you are a biker or a Jeep Wrangler owner for an example, join the local bikers or Jeep Wrangler owners club. Get yourself known in that group. Offer to shoot team activities photos for free. All there you go. Everyone in the group now knows you as a photographer and will hire or refer you when the time comes.

Social Media: Be active on social medias like Facebook and Instagram. Invite all your friends and relatives to follow you. Stay active and post regularly. This will allow you to grow your social media presence as well as will give you more followers over time. More followers on your social media accounts means more business.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization or SEO is a proven way of getting more clients. More visible you are on search engines, more traffic you will get which will lead to more business. If you are not familiar with SEO, hire an SEO professional who can help you to launch an SEO campaign on a budget.

Photo Editing

You need to know professional level of photo editing as a photographer. From time to time, you will need to edit your images before delivering to your clients. If you have the time to do it like how to do clipping path or edit an image, that’s great. If you however get busy with one job after the next, which is ideal, you will need to hire a professional photo editing service provider to edit your images.

Importance of Clipping Path

Clipping path is a very important element of photoshop. While it has many use in commercial as well as non commercial photo editing jobs, it is extremely important for commercial photography editing jobs. When it comes to product photo editing, it is almost 100% essential to use clipping path for various editing jobs.

Clipping Path Services to Remove Background

Once of the most widely used clipping path process is to isolate the background from an image. Most commonly known as background removal, clipping path is used to isolate an object from it’s background and ten it gets removed. Clipping path makes is possible to get the background removal job done. This is one of the most widely used practices of clipping path and that is to remove the background from an image.

Clipping Path Service to Isolate Objects

At time, there will be multiple objects on a single image. Maybe there are five or even ten products that were pictured in a single setting. Now the photographer or product owner needs to isolate each and every single object or product from the image so that they can further edit them. It will be very easy to isolate each and every single object using the clipping path process and save them in their own separate files for further editing.

Clipping Path Services for Commercial Photography

Clipping path is so widely used in commercial photography and in so much demand that there are specialized outsourcing companies developed offering solely clipping path services. These people are only specialized in clipping path and not on other commercial photo editing services.

Yes, they will do the other required editing you might need, but you might not get the high end quality of retouching or ghost mannequin editing you are looking for. It is therefore best not to select a company that promotes them as a clipping path company and not as a commercial photo editing services company.

For product and fashion photography, clipping path is almost a must. While some product images just get retouched and not clipped at all, they are only a very small fraction of commercial products. Most of the commercial products that are sold on ecommerce platforms are clipped and often then retouched. Clipping path therefore is extremely important for commercial product photography.

Outsourcing Your Clipping Path Services Job Made Easy

Clipping path outsourcing is the way to go is you have bulk clipping path services. Years ago, companies used to hire inhouse employees to get their clipping path job done. For the last couple of decades, this is not the case anymore. Offshore clipping path outsourcing companies are available to service the commercial clients now. Internet made is easy for the companies to outsource clipping path jobs offshore.

Outsourcing Clipping Path Jobs to Offshore Companies

Why would you outsource clipping path jobs to an offshore company? Because not only this is the trend, this is cost efficient.

Companies do not outsource to offshore companies because they just love to work with offshore companies for no reason. Main reason they consider to work with offshore companies is to save cost. If it cost $1 to apply clipping path to an object with an offshore company, there is no reason to pay 10 times to an inhouse worker for the same job. It’s not just the employee salary that is in question here, there are employee workspace also which can get very expensive. Also, there are other benefits and employment insurance, sick leave, disability, etc. a company needs to pay for on a regular basis for all inhouse employees. Outsourcing to offshore clipping path service company eliminates all overhead and get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

Building Relationship is the Key

It is important to find a good company to outsource your work to. Once you find that company, build relationship with that company and stick with that company. If you keep looking for companies that can do the job cheaper, then your job quality will be compromised at one point and you will lose productivity.

If you have any concern about the cost, talk to your outsourcing company. If it is possible, they will revisit the pricing to keep you as their client. If you are a serious business needing the job done in a timely manner, you need to make sure you work with the right company that can deliver the job according to your need.

Clipping Path Services are Getting Popular in Developing Countries

Joblessness is an issue in lot of developing countries. Lot of college and university graduates find it hard to get a job upon completing their studies. Years spent in studies with lot of hope and dream end up getting dries within few years of graduation. This shortness of jobs are due to over population and small economy. There are simply not enough job for all adults. people who are either smarter than average people or have entrepreneurial skills are the ones surviving. Rest are just getting through the day. People who have some entrepreneurial skills and want to start their own business are finding clipping path services as an opportunity.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is a Dream Come True:

People looks for job for a reason. That is to make a living. Job provides an income security. People go to work five to six days a week and at the end of the week or month, they brig home a salary. This weekly or monthly regular salary provides financial security to wage earners. Whether it offers financial freedom or not is another topic. It does provide some level of security. If people can mage the budget, they can get by with a day job.

This however not the ideal situation for everyone. Some simply do not have the level of education it takes to land a good job. Others do not fancy being a nine to five person. For this population, becoming an entrepreneur is like a dream come true. Clipping path services is the type of freelance work or even a structured business that makes the dream come true for some.

What is Exactly a Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path service providers offer their services to wide range of clients. They provide photo editing services to commercial clients. These commercial clients either have a product to sell online or at local stores, or service the industry that does the manufacturing and selling.

Product images are required to be edited before posting online. If unedited images are posted online, it will not look very attractive. To make the images attractive, they are edited by clipping path service provider companies. This opens up a business opportunity for a lot of people as the service is in great demand.

Offering Clipping Path Services From Home

There are so many things people can do for a living. Some are handy people like to work hard using their hands. These people can work either indoor or outdoors. However, these people are not typically office workers. There are office workers as well who work in various settings. Some are computer geeks good with computers and use computers to work and earn a living. One of these things that people can do to earn a living working using their computer is offering clipping path services.

Who Can Offer Clipping Path Services?

Just about anyone can work for a clipping path company or on their own offering clipping path services. vast majority of the people who work with clipping path work for some clipping path company or work as freelancers offering clipping path services to their own clients.

People in the developing countries are getting smarter and smarter over time. They are finding out new opportunities to make money working from home with their own computer. Working from the comfort of your own home has a lot of benefits. You do not have to fight the traffic in the morning. You do not have to get dressed up or shower in a timely manner. You do not have to pack lunch or run to some fast food joint during lunch time to grab a bite. Not to mention the commuting cost and time spent commuting is a total loss.

If you are computer knowledgeable and know how to edit images using photoshop program, you can run your very own clipping path services and be your own boss.

How Much Money You Can Make Offering Clipping Path Services?

That really varies. You can make nothing or you can make a very handsome living. All depends on your own skills. Not just photo editing skills but also on your communication skills.

It doesn’t matter how good you are in doing what you do. If you cannot sell yourself, you are not getting any job. Also, you need good communication skills to retain clients. If you can grow your business and can stay busy with for the full day, you can make a decent living by offering clipping path services.

How Much Should You Charge for your Services?

Everybody has his or her own price. How much you should charge depends on your editing skill and on your communication skills. If you can sell yourself for more, why should you settle for less. Just see how much others are charging for similar work and try to be competitive. If you are not competitive, you will not get any clients or retain clients over the long run.